Manufacture and dealines

At Oniri, everything is made by hand, from the creating process to the stone setting. We use noble metals and quality gemstones. This is the reason why every piece of jewellery we make takes a certain time before it is finished.

+ What metals are we using ?

We work with silver 925 (or sterling silver), and gold 750 (yellow or white). We make our own alloys.

+ What plating solutions are we using?

We electroplate our jewellery in our own workshop.

All our silver and white gold pieces are electroplated with rhodium in order to give it an extra white shine and protect them. We also electroplate our silver jewellery with 23 carat gold.

Other plating colors will be added in the coming months.

+ What gemstones do you we use?

We work with different types of gemstones. We mostly work with CZ (or Cubic Zirconia) or with lab created gemstones in order to create affordable jewellery. We also work with natural gemstones, non precious, semi-precious or precious.

You will find the type of gemstone set on the jewellery on the shop page of that specific jewellery.

+ I would like another type of gemstone/metal, what should I do ?

You can always contact us by mail and we will do our best to meet your demands.

+ What are de deadlines ?

For every jewellery that is not in stock, we have a lead time of 30 days. However, if our workshop is not overflown with work, it is very possible that your jewellery will be finished before 30 days.