Size guide

So that you can order without any fear or doubt your jewellery, we are providing you a size guide.

+ Rings

Our rings are designed and provided in standard French sizes. But there are several measurement systems for finger sizes.

In order for you to know your finger size, you only have to measure the inner diameter of one of your rings. Then refer to the image below that will indicate you the size of your finger. If the ring you want to order is wide, we recommend you measure a ring of a similar wideness. A wide ring will not have the same size of a narrow one for the same finger.


+ Chains and necklaces


We always give accurate measurements of the lenghts of our chains and necklaces. In order to have an idea of what length looks like when it is worn you can refer to the image below


Warning! Each body is of different shape and size. There may be a discrepency between the image you see here and you.


To help you choose your necklace size you can also take the measurements of one of yours. Open it, lay it flat and then measure the entire length.


If you want a particular size, do not hesitate to contact us! Our bespoke service is here for that.



+ Bracelet

In order to know which bracelet size is best suited for your wrist please refer to the picture below.

All you need is measuring tape, with it measure the size of your wrist. Once you have taken your measurements, refer to the image below and see which size is closest to your measurements.