Oniri’s workshops : Made in Belgium, Made in Wallonia

In our workshops, every piece of jewellery is made by hand with the traditional techniques of jewellery.
The creation process goes through two passionate craftsmen :  Tiffany, the artist who is at the origin of the design of every collection and unique project. And Alexis, the jeweler who gives life to these great designs.
Every creation starts from the precious metal itself which is melted to create the alloys we use : Silver 925 (or Silver Sterling) and Gold 750. Every stone present on our jewellery is set by our care. We also electroplate with Rhodium or 24 carat gold.
We take the time to carefully craft every jewellery we sell to provide you with the best quality. The deadlines may seem long in a world where everything is at hand’s reach almost instantly, but we are proud to say that everything has been handmade. And thus yours will be unique in all the little differences invisible to the naked eye. All those tiny variations are the fruit of the work of hands and not machines.
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The Birth of Oniri

Oniri was born thanks to a sincere friendship between Alexis and Tiffany. They met in school during their jeweler formation and they soon noticed they had a lot of things in common. The same perception of the world their love of art in all forms but above all their passion for artisanal craftsmanship and quality set their friendship in stone.
Very soon after they met they started talking about their dream who was yet to be named : having their very own brand of handmade jewellery that combines excellence, original designs timelessness and transmission.
Tiffany designed project one after the other, every new one was more complex than the preceding. And Alexis still in learning would give life to each and everyone of these project. The complementarity in their abilities and qualifications created a synergy they wanted to keep. They knew this kind symbiosis was something rare and it would allow them to make their common dream come true at once.
After months of reflection, preparation and refinement, the brand Oniri was born…
… And its parent can not wait to see it evolve and grow up.

Tiffany, artist and designer made in Liege

Tiffany was born in Liege in 1992. She was passionate, interested and curious about everything : be it sciences, inventions, gemmology, philosophy, … But also art in all forms, litterature, music, photography or drawing. But what she loved above all else was to create.
Her inventiveness and quite limitless imagination was always fostered by her very supportive family. And they were very patient with her so that she could find the way best suited for her and flourish there.
As a result her school path was somewhat eclectic, as she could not find with certainty which was her way. After studying sciences, philosophy, art, fashion or the Japanese language. She decided to pursue a three-year course in jewellery at the Léon Mignon School in Liege she succeeded without a hitch.
It is there that she finally found a craft that would combine all her passions. She also found a best friend with whom she will make her dream come true : live of her art, work in symbiosis with her best friend and never restrain her creativity

Alexis, jeweller made in Namur

Alexis was born in Brussels in 1994 and grew up in Namur. Since a very young age he has been passionate about models and figurines but not only. Alexis is a handyman at heart and he loves making his own tools.
He was painting, tinkering and creating his own toys in the workshop inherited from his father. Mounting and dismounting was one of his favourite pastime, that way he tried to understand how they were made and how they operated. Already the world of the little and the tiny fascinated him.
As a teenager, he started to draw jewellery in drawing books attracted by the world of his father artisan jeweller. As time went on this craft became his obvious future.
From this moment forward nothing was left to chance. After high school, he undertook successful marketing studies in order to have the tools necessary to make his dream come true : having his own jewellery brand.
Once he graduated he entered the Léon Mignon School in Liege.There he will meet his best friend and future associate, but most of all he will learn the craft of jewellery. He will improve fast thanks to his taste for autodidaxy but also thanks to a two years internship in the famous “Leysen” house in Brussels. His hard work allowed him to realize his dream.
The rest of his story is called Oniri…
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